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“Sweet Child O Mine” – David Perrico & Raiders 19-piece House Band – Monday Night Football – 9/13

New Single Release from Sam Hankins “IT’S OKAY”

Dave Perrico performing “RISE”… a great tune from Herb Alpert.

Wayne Cobham working with friends (separately) but still bringing the music on strong!
The History of Jazz by Sam Hankins
Phaeton Trumpet Event 4/15/17 – David Perrico – Body and Soul
Phaeton PHT-1200 Las Vegas model designed by David Perrico and Phaeton Instruments
Performance highlights from the Phaeton Dakota booth at NAMM 2020.

Robb Zinn and friends take the stage at The Tin Pan on June 8th.

Wayne Cobham – Open Mic at Maureen’s Jazz Cellar

Willie Bradley – “Life On Top” featuring Greg Manning

David Perrico at NAMM 2018

David Perrico, artist/designer, talks about the Phaeton Trumpet.

Willie Bradley, recording artist/endorser, discusses the Phaeton FX-1100 trumpet.

David Perrico GREEN HORNET at Family Music Center, Las Vegas PHAETON Master Class, on his new LAS VEGAS model Phaeton Trumpet

David Perrico & Orchestra BODY & SOUL on Phaeton’s newest model Flugelhorn, PHTF-2900 in Brush Brass finish

Willie Bradley – “We are One” The Soiled Dove

Willie Bradley – “Doc’s Groove” The Soiled Dove

Eddie Allen
Interview with Trumpeter, Composer, Educator

Melvin Jones
FSU Jazz Camp

David Perrico – Pop Evolution
Lilacs From Alice

Rob Zinn – “Sara Smile”
Maryland Live! Casino

Edmundo Romero – “Amazing Grace”

Willie Bradley – “National Anthem”