Yae Joong Kim was born in a small village in Chuncheon, Korea in 1975. He started studying trumpet at the age of 14 and was quickly taken up with the instrument. He studied at school as well as with several professional Korean trumpet artists including Mr Hee Chan An who is recognized as the #1 leading classical trumpet artist throughout the country.

Yae’s family was unable to afford continuing private lessons while in his senior year at college, so he struck out on his own playing with a number of Jazz combos learning his trade as a solid on-stage performer.

He also began writing and composing music for himself and those groups he was performing with and when he met Mr Jung Sic Lee, the most famous Jazz Saxophonist of Korea, he was able to make a big step into live Jazz performances at Jazz Clubs in Seoul. From that point on, his reputation as an outstanding Trumpet and Flugelhorn artist captured the attention of many audiences as well as other prominent performers in Korea.

He is currently heading up a large Big Band group that emulates the styles of many American big band sounds as he continues to compose new/innovative works for the entire group. His unique sound and style has made him a much sought after brass artist for major Jazz events throughout Korea.