Riccardo’s early beginnings as a Music student in Italy, has evolved into a charismatic and, at times, a self-effacing performer. While his contemporaries played Soccer and other outdoor sports, Riccardo began studying music theory at the age 12. Some people are born to entertain while others are cultivated like a rare jewel. Riccardo straddles both.

His passion for music became his creative outlet. He started experimenting with Pop, Jazz, Swing and classical styles. In his journey of creativity, he had the privilege to work with some well noted mentors such as Jorgen Eloffson and Michael Whalen who shared their insight and creative texture all of which helped Riccardo develop his talents as a multifaceted vocalist and musician.

His other musical home was In the United States, studying voice with Miriam J. Arman at the International Academy of voice and Stage. Riccardo has also Performed all around the World singing classics and originals while nuzzling his Phaeton trumpet to his ear pleasing solos.

Riccardo’s last major tour sold out 45 cities in Italy. In addition, he has also performed at major International European venues as well.

Riccardo Foressi endorses and plays his Phaeton PHT-2040 BLACK ONYX Trumpet exclusively at all venues and recordings.

Riccardo can be contacted at: riccardoforesi1@yahoo.it or http://www.top40musicgroup.com