Kim was born in small seaport, Po-Hang, Korea in 1979. His father loved music and trumpet and was a major influence in the young life of Kim Hwang during his early years in public school.

Kim tells us he liked the music and trumpet artistry of Arturo Sandoval and spent many hours listening to recordings, DVDs and CDs produced by Arturo.

When Kim turned sixteen years of age, he began a rigorous program studying trumpet at his father’s request. Again, his father continued to work closely with his son helping him with his goal to become an exceptional trumpet player in school as well as outside of school with small combos playing in local jazz clubs in his home town.

While attending a prominent KOREAN University, he majored in classical and orchestral trumpet stylings in order to develop a strong foundation in professional trumpet performance. When Kim reach 22 years of age, he went to Japan to study jazz under the direction of many outstanding Japanese Jazz Artists.

His current career in Korea is exceptionally busy as he continues to perform at the most famous Jazz Clubs and is an “in demand” Trumpet Jazz artist throughout the country.

Kim Il Hwang plays and endorses his Phaeton PHT-2030 brush brass trumpet and Phaeton Flugelhorn model PHTF-2600 exclusively.

You can see and hear Kim perform at any one of the links listed below.