Taking what he calls an unorthodox approach to the trumpet, Isaac Byrd Jr. plays changes in a unique way, using his instrument to paint a picture and tell a story. Playing what he has branded “the sultry trumpet like no other,” the versatile, multi-talented artist based in Jacksonville, Florida blew audiences away with his compelling, groove-centered, and ultra-melodic sound on his second album Life. And is now eager to continue in an equally intoxicating vein with his new project. Byrd is now embarking on a new journey with his forthcoming third album entitled “Come Fly with Me” due to release in 2017. If you haven’t heard the latest single “Flyin’ High” featuring David P. Stevens, it is now available on all major platforms. You’ll be quite impressed. With a new sound, he’s coming back with something that is sure to solidify this fact: Isaac belongs in the world of Jazz.

Byrd brings a rich and dynamic history as a jazz performer via his emergence in the contemporary urban jazz world. While he was influenced by trumpet greats like Wynton Marsalis and Terence Blanchard, he draws his rhythmic flair from the pianists and saxophonists he grew up admiring ranging from John Coltrane and Charlie Parker to Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau.

Throughout his professional tenure, Isaac has made a name for himself playing live with Keni Myles (lead singer of The Rude Boys), PJ Morton, Laura Izibor, Nick Colionne, Blake Aaron, Julian Vaughn, Will Donato, Nils, Joy Dennis, James Lloyd (Pieces of a Dream), Bobby Shew, Joe Lovano, Chase Sanborn, Chris Vidale, and Jaguar Wright. Whether being a part of the IAJE All-Star Big Band or recording with the likes of Lisa McClendon, Leon Timbo and Merlon Devine, Isaac Byrd Jr is sure to amaze his audiences.

Years of being a bandleader and renowned sideman has led Byrd to become the powerhouse entertainer he is today – a confident, charismatic solo artist who plays from the heart and uses his instrument to draw listeners into the story. The trumpeter likes to say that he “takes the temperature of the room and plays towards that” – which translates to an energetic, highly entertaining live show that involves his audience at every turn.

He not only gets the crowd dancing and clapping along, he’ll often leave the stage and join them, performing in the crowd and connecting with appreciative fans in a dynamic, intimate way. If you want a musical journey and experience, then Isaac Byrd Jr.’s stage is what you want to be.

Isaac Byrd is an endorsing artist for Phaeton Trumpets and plays exclusively on his PHTF-2650 FLUGELHORN and PHT-2040 TRUMPET.