Master Edmundo Romero Hernandez is Co-principal Trumpet chair of the National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, a member of the brass quintet Macuilli Mexica and first trumpet of the Chamber Orchestra of the National School.

Mr. Hernandez studied at the National Conservatory of Music in Mexico, under the direction of 2 of the most prominent Brass instructors in that country: Srs. Juan Manuel Arpero and Felipe León.

In addition he often visited to study with international Trumpet artists such as: Matias Hoffs, Francisco Flores, Maurice Benterfa, Bernard Soustrot, Pierre Dutot, Wolfgang Gugenberger, Ralph Sauer and Enrique Crespo, and recently took the Directing Workshop Course taught by Mr. Guillermo Salvador. These outstanding performers added considerable skills to Edmund’s repertoire of classical trumpet styles over the years.

He was a prominent artist at the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bajio in Guanajuato, Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco and soloist for two years in the symphonic band of Jalisco in addition to a soloist for five and a half years at the symphonic band Secretary of Navy.

His successful career included teaching at the Free School of Music, National School of Music to the UNAM and taught courses in the states of Oaxaca, Puebla, Edo. of Mexico, Hidalgo and Michoacán. He is also the founder and director of the symphonic band Sn. Fco Tlaltenco with which he has performed at various cultural events in several communities with outstanding critical reviews.

As a soloist he has performed with the Symphony Orchestra of Coyoacán, the Orchestra of Puebla State Conservatory and the Chamber Orchestra of the National School (NS) just to name a few of his achievements.

He has performed in concerts in the city of Guadalajara, at the National School of Music (UNAM), Mesina Coral Room in the Manuel M. Ponce hall in Palace of Fine Arts, among others. He participated in the tributes that have been made in honor of the internationally known and respected trumpet player, Mr. Rafael Mendez, in Jiquilpan Michoacán.

He also continues to teach trumpet courses in different states of the Mexican Republic as his ongoing contribution to the performing arts.

Edmundo Hernandez currently performs exclusively and endorses the Phaeton Trumpet model PHT-FX 1100 and Phaeton Flugelhorn Model PHTF-2700.

You can contact Mr. Hernandez at: