Doug Bull of Casper, WY, Educator & Trumpet/Flugel artist, had this to say about Phaeton Brass, his first/only choice for all professional ‘on stage and recording’ performances.

“Several weeks ago I received a PHT-2031 Brush Brass “C” Trumpet from Phaeton Trumpet. I have been a bit of a slacker by not reviewing it. It came in brushed lacquer. The finish is flawless. Like all Phaeton horns, it is substantially built.

Obviously, I played it within ten minutes of its own arrival at my door. Its response was remarkable. It can produce a vibrant, powerful sound and a light, delicate sound with any shading in between. The day after I received it I had the opportunity to perform on it. The director of the performance commented several times about the ”crystal clear” tone.

The day after that I had a quintet rehearsal. The other trumpet player and the tuba player commented about tone quality. Additionally, the intonation is excellent. The usual alternate fingerings are quite helpful and produce something unique. The alternates maintain tone quality. One doesn’t readily hear a change of vibrancy.

All told I have had eleven performances on this horn since receiving it. Each has brought compliments about the playing – tone in particular. Nearly flawless intonation that was easily achieved and became easier as I became more familiar with the horn.

Kudos to Peter LaPlaca and all the folks at Phaeton Trumpets.”